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St. George Mask Angels Update:
Together, all our dedicated volunteers have already supplied our community with 6,808 masks! We are donating Louisiana State Police, long term care facilities, rehab centers, and local hospitals.
Blush Bridal Salon has donated fabric, and Tailoring by Tinh is sewing the masks! We are grateful for your support.

Many people and businesses in our community continue to work together to support each other during these challenging days. We hear of many beautiful stories about local businesses adapting to this new way of living, even if it’s just temporary.

A couple weeks ago, St. George Parishioner Shelley Johnson knew those in the medical community must be feeling overwhelmed. Her mother previously worked at Baton Rouge General Hospital, so she reached out to a few hospital contacts and asked if they needed homemade masks. Some needed masks for the non-patient facing employees and some requested them for the medical staff. So, what began as a family project has developed into a larger group of volunteers. We have many women who have formed bonds through the ACTS retreat along with ladies from the Prayer Blanket Ministry, St. Vincent De Paul ministry and more.

We have people donating fabric, cutting and preparing the material, families working together to sew the masks, and volunteers helping with delivery, drop off and organizing of the supplies/donations.

What started as a small group from St. George Parish, we loving call Mask Angels, continues to develop to meet the needs of the community. Daily, the news about COVID-19 continues to evolve. Daily the demand for these masks continues to grow. The Mask Angels are currently donating to the Louisiana State Police, long term care facilities, rehab centers, and local hospitals.

To continue to meet the growing demand, Mask Angels has partnered with the Sisters of St. Anthony Church. They will be joining the effort, and working together to support the amazing health care workers and other essential service providers in our community by providing face masks and meeting the other needs the best way we can.

To help meet these needs, St. George has set up the COVID-19 Relief Fund. Donations will be used to buy materials, make the masks, and other needs to support the community and overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.

We invite you to join in this effort by

1. Prayer - this is the most important way to help. As Fr. Yi has shared his No One Dies Alone message, Praying the Divine Mercy Chapel and spiritually adopting persons dying from this virus would give great comfort. This message is posted on the St. George YouTube channel. Click here to view.

2. Making the masks, donating materials- fabric, elastic (most needed) and ribbon. Please email for drop off/pickup information. You can find instructions for making masks using the links below:
Regular Mask with no pocket

3. Donating to the COVID-19 Relief Fund. Click here to donate.


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